Accessories in Development

miter saw stand

Your truck is a tool and sometimes it needs to be near the work.  We designed the miter saw stand to be compatible with all standard miter saws.  Install it near the end of your un-extended TailGator for quick jobs, or extend your TailGator to make room for the workbench attachment and use both!

workbench attachment

Finally your truck bed is also your workspace.  The workbench attachment quickly attaches to the frame of your TailGator.  This gives you a sturdy, flat surface for woodworking, blueprints, measuring, you name it!  With a fully extended TailGator, you can use the workbench and miter saw attachment simultaneously.

kayak attachment

The Kayak Mount is all about space optimization and ease of use.  This accessory secures the distal end of your kayak or canoe where you can then rotate rotate it left or right.  This frees up side space in the bed of your truck.  The lock mechanism locks down over the edge of the vessel.  To remove the vessel, unlock the device, rotate the support bar flat and slide it right out.  Reverse the process to load it back up!

bike rack

The Bike Mount Accessory is designed so you can easily access your bikes from the back of the truck.  With a bike mount near the tailgate, you can load and offload your bike with ease while keeping the rest of the truck bed clear for other things.  The Bike Mount is easily installed and removed from the TailGator using the included pin system.  You have the ability to use the Bike Mount with the TailGator rotated out of the tailgate, or rotated into truck bed, it’s all up to you!

Name this addon

We are constantly accepting new concepts for accessories based on what you need your truck to do!  If there is a use-case you would like us to address, feel free to share it with us.


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