5 Ways to Do More Outdoors with your Truck

02 Jul 5 Ways to Do More Outdoors with your Truck

Admit it, you use your truck for just about everything – whether it’s an old beat up hand-me-down from your dad, a new shiny power stroke to get you to and from work, a trusty workhorse for hauling everything, or to fuel your adventures, you can’t imagine getting life done without your truck. What happens when you want to push your truck’s potential even further? Haul bigger things? Work faster and harder? Adventure to new places? Get more space?

We’ve seen our share of truck accessories that help utilize your truck bed, but we’ve built one that trumps them all. Why? It’s ONE tool with attachments that give you limitless ways to up fit your truck bed, regardless of how you use it. Here are our top 5 favorite ways to max out the utility of your truck bed with TailGator.


1. Have more fun. Your truck takes you on adventures. Whatever you need for those adventures (surfboards, kayaks, bikes, fishing poles and more), TailGator has an attachment for it. Instead of strapping in your layback, stuffing your bike and tent in next to it, then wedging your fishing poles all underneath and praying that it all stays in place, secure it all with specially designed attachments and have room left over for even more gear! TailGator lets you attach all your adventuring equipment securely in your truck bed so it stays safe and sound in one place, and is easily accessible when you get to your destination.
Tailgator Still-8 fixed


2. Have more space – Stand up straight. When you need to haul extra ladders, wood or PVC pipes, take to the sky. TailGator functions vertically as well to enable you to haul these extra-long items above your truck bed to make room for everything else. It’s like having a double decker truck bed.


3. Have more options – on the job site. For many truck owners, your truck is your office. When you get to the job site you need a place to lay out plans, paperwork, and heavy duty work equipment. TailGator’s heavy duty attachments let you attach a miter saw to your truck bed, making it easy to transfer lumber from your bed straight to the saw. The workbench attachments is perfect as a portable desk/table for onsite meetings (or a killer lunch spread).
Tailgator Still-4


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4. Have more spirit. TailGator brings tailgating to a new level. Whether you’re posted up, grilling out before the big game, pre-gaming before a summer concert, or staking your claim on the beach, TailGator allows you to set up an awesome spread right from the back of your truck. Secure it all, haul it all, spread it all out and enjoy!


5. Have more options. Bumming off of your friends to use their truck will be a thing of the past. TailGator transforms your truck into a machine that can do anything you want it to outdoors. The attachments increase the legal hauling capacity and functionality like nothing else we’ve seen. We’ve all seen that guy in a minivan with a cargo container on the top. Don’t be that guy. You bought a truck for a reason. Now you have even more reasons…

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