TailGator Truck Bed Extender


TailGator is the All-Purpose Truck Bed Extender. TailGator extends your truck bed by over 4 1/2 feet and is the base for various accessories we have created to accomodate your DIY, work, and recreational lifestyles.

TailGator is powder coated and constructed of high-strength carbon steel supporting upwards of 300 pounds. Installation takes less than 30 minutes and requires minimal skill. The box doubles as an installation template to ensure you install the unit properly.

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The TailGator comes with two adjustable brackets allowing you to haul and secure narrow loads or retain wide loads worry free.

Various attachments are in development:

  • Miter Saw Stand
  • Work Top or Table Top
  • Bracket for Vertical Use
  • Kayak Mount
  • Bike Mount

TailGator extends the legal hauling limits of your truck bed. If the average truck bed length is 6.5 feet, and the maximum legal overhang distance is about 3.3 feet, the longest item that could legally be hauled with the average truck is 9.8 feet long. TailGator adds an additional 4 1/2 feet, increasing your legaul hauling length by almost 50%!

“Per CVC Section 35410, the load upon a vehicle, trailer or semitrailer shall not extend to the rear beyond the last point of support for a greater distance than that equal to two-thirds of the length of the wheelbase. The wheelbase of a semitrailer shall be considered as the distance between the rearmost axle of the towing vehicle and the rearmost axle of the semitrailer.”

Additional information

Dimensions 48 x 4 x 8 in


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